Special Easyjet Employees Offer

Charter the yacht you choose from Athens or Lefkada ONLY FROM €1.000/per week!

SPECIAL -40% OFFER only for Easyjet Employees


Sail with Ionionsails in Ionian Sea, Cyclades or Argosaronikos with the best price you can get!

Ionionsails, offers to all employees of Easyjet from 15% up to 45% discount to all its Yacht Charter Fees*
*This offer is valid exclusively for proven employees of Easyjet and cannot be combined with another offer.


Choose among our beauties and get instantly your Special Offer!
Rates below do NOT include your discount:

Table combining all rates for all our yachts:
PeriodFrom January 1st to May 12From May 12 to June 23 JuneFrom June 23 to July 21From July 21 to August 25From August 25 to September 08From September 08 to October 27From October 27 to December 31
PeriodFrom January 1st to May 13From May 13 to June 24 JuneFrom June 24 to July 22From July 22 to August 26From August 26 to September 09From September 09 to October 28From October 28 to December 31
2-3 Cabin
Bavaria 34 Cruiser€1.300€1.600€1.800€2.100€1.800€1.600€1.300
Bavaria 36€1.180€1.490€1.610€1.790€1.610€1.490€1.180
Bavaria 39 Cruiser€1.600€1.780€2.040€2.340€2.040€1.780€1.600
Dufour Gib’Sea 41 €1.400€1.700€1.900€2.100€1.900€1.700€1.400
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36.2€1.300€1.600€1.800€2.100€1.800€1.600€1.300
Bavaria 42 Cruiser€1.500€1.800€2.100€2.400€2.100€1.800€1.500
4 Cabin
Bavaria 44€1.920€2.160€2.380€2.670€2.380€2.160€1.920
Bavaria 46 Cruiser€2.040€2.450€2.950€3.350€2.950€2.450€2.040
Bavaria 46 Cruiser NEW€2.140€2.550€3.050€3.450€3.050€2.550€2.140
Beneteau Oceanis Clipper 411€1.650€1.790€1.960€2.100€1.960€1.7900€1.650
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469€2.500€3.900€4.700€5.600€4.700€3.900€2.500
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 44i€1.800€2.800€3.400€3.600€3.400€2.800€1.800
5 Cabin
NEW: Bavaria Cruiser 50 €3.100€4.250€4.700€5.600€4.700€4.250€3.100
NEW: Bavaria Cruiser 56 €3.700€5.550€6.200€7.300€6.200€5.550€3.000
Beneteau Oceanis 54€2.980€4.350€4.940€6.150€4.940€4.350€2.980
Beneteau Cyclades 50.5€2.900€3.500€4.000€4.600€4.000€3.500€2.900
Feeling 486€2.340€2.650€2.940€3.190€2.940€2.650€2.340
Bavaria 50 Cruiser€2.490€3.400€3.500€3.850€3.500€3.400€2.490
Athena 38€2.690€3.280€3.380€3.580€3.280€3.050€2.690
Fountain Pajot 39€2.490€2.850€3.280€3.480€3.280€2.850€2.390
Lagoon 420€3.980€4.900€5.280€5.670€5.280€4.950€3.980