Flotillas & Armadas

IonionSails has organized more than 20 Flotillas and Armadas in the Ionian & Cyclades at Greece!

A group of yachts sailing together in Greece!


fa1For the last 7 years IonionSails cooperates with Sailing Clubs, Private Companies and Universities, offering them tailor made Sailing Trips with cost per person or per cabin. Also, IonionSails, has been organizing its own theme Flotillas & Armadas in the Ionian, Cyclades and Argosaronikos since 2012.

Having worked with clients such as Rsm Sailing Club, Economic University of Athens, NOTK Sailing Club, UMF University, American College of Greece, ΣΑΣΜ (Alumni of Moraitis School), Executive MBA Alumni Club, we can guarantee the success of a Flotilla or an Armada up to 120 people!

You bring the crew, we organize the rest!


These Sailing Trips can be all inclusive, and we can also offer you the whole management of the flotilla (entertainment, sport activities, games, provisions, etc).

Sailing brings people together!

A 7 day Flotilla is the best way to make a real team, bonding and socializing while you sail across the magnificent Greek seas.
If you have a large group of people that are interested in having their own Flotilla, we will be glad to hear from you in order to discuss about how you could offer your members an unforgettable sailing experience!
Otherwise, if you are solo, or up to 10 people, you can join us in one of the already available Flotillas.

To make your own Flotilla or Armada contact us @ or through our contact form.

Book a spot or a cabin on our already available Flotillas over here!