Sailing from Corfu

Start your sailing vacations in Ionian from Corfu

The amazing island of Corfu is located in the western side of the Ionian Sea.
Although Corfu is not that close to the section where most of the Ionian Islands are located, it is one of the most accessible ports of Greece!

You can easily get to Corfu by taking a ferry from Italy (Ancona, Bari, Brindisi or Venice) or via plane.

From Corfu you can sail to the famous islands of Paxoi and Antipaxoi, and also the mainland of Greece (Syvota and Parga).
Also you can sail across the canal of Lefkas and head east to the area where all the other beautifull islands of the Ionian Sea are located.

In Corfu we share our base with one world famous Yacht Chartering Agency, so we can provide our sailing yachts from the Marina Gouvia.
If the boat you choose belongs to the fleet of Lefkas we will inform you about the small transfer cost, before your booking.