Sailing Travel Insurance

The first step in order to organize a sailing trip is to come in touch with someone you trust!

At Ionion Sails we believe in long-term, trustful and transparent relations with our guests and skippers. Which is why we always recommend insuring your trip to ensure weather forecasts or unforeseen circumstances don’t dampen your enjoyment!

While our knowledgeable team is readily available to assist with any inquiries regarding the Ionian area, and our yachts are equipped with sailing maps and guides, we highly recommend being adequately prepared. That is why we have a range of Ionion Sails’ travel insurance initiatives which have garnered rave reviews from our guests.

On behalf of all of our colleagues, we cannot wait to welcome you to Lefkas!

George Kritikos
George Kritikos
Chartering Department of Ionion Sails



Insuring your trip is the best way to make sure you have a stress free sailing holiday in Greece and we only work with trusted insurance companies with a solid reputation in the sailing sector.

We recommend:
Yachtpool & Hamburg
All of our yachts are insured for damages with Yachtpool


At Ionion Sails, our dedicated customer-support team is here to assist you in explaining and advising on all aspects of travel insurance.

Travel Cancellation Insurance

If cancellation becomes necessary, fear not. We’ve got it handled, offering assurance for every booking. This type of insurance guarantees a full refund for the entire charter fee or part of it in case the skipper or crew member is unable to embark due to unexpected events, encompassing compensation and protection for trip curtailment. Learn more about travel cancellation plans at our recommended partner Hamburger – Schomacker.

Charter Deposit Insurance

We protect your security deposit, ensuring a relaxed voyage. Opting this insurance you will be covered from potential yacht damages without extra costs. Book now, knowing your security deposit is protected every nautical mile. Welcome to stress-free charters with Ionion Sails. Learn more about charter deposit insurance options at our recommended partner Hamburger – Schomacker.

Skipper Liability

Beyond standard coverage, this crucial supplement steps in where traditional policies may fall short. From damages caused by proven gross negligence to liability claims within the crew  and charter loss, our insurance provides comprehensive protection. Sail confidently, knowing Ionion Sails  goes the extra mile to ensure your sailing experience. Learn more about skipper liability plans at our recommended partner Hamburger – Schomacker.

Passenger Insurance

Prioritize safety above all else! Passenger Insurance offers coverage for skipper and crew during sailing activities. It includes benefits for injuries, dinghy use, transportation in case of an emergency, and medical returns. The main purpose is to ensure financial protection and support in maritime emergencies, promoting onboard safety. Learn more about passenger insurance at our recommended partner Hamburger – Schomacker.

Our commitment to your satisfaction extends to providing exceptional support throughout every stage of the insurance process. We are here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

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Rely on our experienced team to offer personalized guidance in the event that you need to utilize the security deposit insurance. Evaluating your contract, Ionion Sails is committed to assisting you in preparing all the necessary requirements as requested by the insurance company.

If required, we will provide you with a diver video showcasing the underwater inspection, accompanied by a comprehensive report.


Guest satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we assess each case individually based on your requirements.

Our objective is to identify the most suitable dates for your Ionian holidays. With a range of available yachts, including monohulls and catamarans, we will present you with the finest options to choose from.

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