Bareboat Charters in Greece

If you are an experienced sailor, what better way to vacation with your group and have total privacy than a bareboat charter?

Bareboat Yacht & Catamaran Charters in Greece

If you are an experienced sailor, you can simply choose your ideal yacht and sail with your crew among the enchanting islands of Greece. The Ionian islands, the Saronic Gulf and the Cyclades are our main yacht chartering areas.

Send us your charter inquiry

If you are interested in sailing in Greece and you wish to acquire additional information, one of the IonionSails agents will be happy to fill you in!

After you choose your preferences (yacht type, length, accommodation options, location & dates) we, in turn, will send you our very best offers!

This will include details about boat availability, the deposit and total cost, the technical characteristics and inventory of each yacht and a complete set of photos of each boat that we are suggesting for you!

Book a yacht!

If our offer suits your needs we can hold an option on the sailing boat you prefer for five days until you make a decision, without any constraints whatsoever!

The final booking of the yacht takes place when you send us the pre-agreed advance deposit.

After you have sent us the receipt of the bank transfer and the personal and crew details that we require, you will receive an official contract – charter party within 5 days which is already approved by the Hellenic Ministry of Merchant Marine.

Chartering Cost

For any extra costs that may occur, or may be required by you in exchange for extra or optional yacht chartering services you will be informed in our offer, and they will also be stated in the contact – charter party.

No other extra charges will arise during your charter.

Sailing Qualifications

Bareboat yacht chartering in Greece requires two experienced crew members. The first one (the skipper) should have an appropriate sailing certificate, or hold an official offshore sailing license.

The second one (the co-skipper) should have some sailing experience. Official declarations stating the skipper’s competence and the co-skipper’s experience may be also required if the harbour authority considers this necessary.

If you don’t have enough sailing qualifications you can ask us to provide you with one of IonionSails experienced skippers.

Security Deposit

From our first email offer you will be informed about the security deposit required before your embarkation and during the check in of your yacht.

The amount varies according to the size and the type of the yacht. The deposit ensures that you are responsible only for that amount of money for any loss or damage that may be caused during your charter.

Every yacht is insured against any damage that exceeds the deposit amount.
If all the terms of the Charter Party are met, your security deposit will be refunded back to you immediately after the end of your charter.

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD & DINERS. Personal checks cannot be accepted.

We also offer you also the possibility to insure your deposit, with a non-refundable security deposit amount through our Insurance Partner – Uniqa Group.

Please do not hesitate to request more information about other types of guarantees.

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