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Kastos Sailing Guide

Sail with Ionion Sails yachts to the tiny jewel of Ionian Sea

Compassed by the island of Kalamos and the mainland lies Kastos. Its strategic position has made it into a well-known stop- off point for the sailors who charter a yacht from Lefkada. Being just a stretch of land reaching only up to 1 km in width, this isle still manages to combine it all. The rocky scenery on its west is replaced by sand and pebble beaches with electric blue waters on its east.

Kastos Harbor

Bareboat or skippered chartered yachts, dine, drink and feast in the village are the reasons keeping this tiny island alive. Give a try to the local amenities that will definitely crave for your appetite offering you an insight of the simplest way of living.

Ideal For
Lunch/ Dinner
Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Port Protected up to 5 beaufort
Not recommend it for South, East or South-East direction winds
Sea bed is full of seagrass, please check that your anchor is not drifting. Do not anchor on the outside side of the wavebreaker Depth is reaching zero, please check PILOT BOOK before entering
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