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Our Winter Base

One of the unique services of Ionion Sails is that we have our own exclusive drydocking area / shipyard for your sailing yachts!

Since 2014 Ionion has exclusive cooperation with the Nea Peramos Shipyard. The Shipyard, which has been running for almost 100 years, has granted part of its area as a winter base and drydock point for Ionion Sails.


Our winter base is located strategically, within short distance of the marine market of the Piraeus National Port as well as the safest spot in the prefecture of Attiki, given that our facilities border with the Special Forces Camp, part of N.A.T.O.

Technical Support

This is where the maintenance of our privately held and under management yachts takes place everyday, from October to April. What is more, our technical team also undertakes the winterising of yachts up to 25 m.

Easy Access

Access to our shipyard is extremely easy as it is located 35 kilometres from the center of Athens and only 30 minutes from the international Airport El . Venizelos by car or by suburban railway.

Attention to Detail

For the dry docking and launching of the yachts (both under management and ownership) heavy duty hydraulic trailer (50 ton) is used exclusively in order to avoid putting stress on the hulls of the yachts.What is more, our shipyard is equipped and licensed to build and maintain yachts up to 25 metres.

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